dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

When they go down to the beach, Elly probably comes away with the impression that Liz is forgetful on purpose to destroy her because we're dealing with a horrible person who sees every little thing that goes wrong as part of a fake, no-way, made-up plot to ruin her.

Panel 1: Now that we're back at the beach, Elly is retracing Liz's steps with her. We join them in mid-disappointment when Elly and Liz comment on how she'd had her glasses when she came out of what Elly calls a changing house and what everyone else calls a change room. As Elly gets set to be angry with Liz because she forgets things in a manner that might make Mommy's life a bit harder, a purple man walks by the entrance of the women's change room.

Panel 2: Then, she and the counselors went down to the beach like the purple man is doing right now.

Panel 3: When she asks Liz if she remembers where she was sitting, Elly makes the mistake of assuming that Liz's saying that she does means something precise because people remember the tiny little details of life better on TV.

Panel 4: Since this is the real world, Liz points at the beach to where the purple man is and says "Over there." Since this is not how the movie goes, Elly slumps forward in defeat because her child has failed her yet again.

What Elly does not do is do something stupid like going down to the beach to ask the Purple Man if he'd seen a pair of eyeglasses. This makes her statement that she'd looked everywhere and asked everyone what I like to call a total fucking self-serving lie meant to cover for pea-brained sloth in a hurry to punish someone for making her get off her fat arse for five seconds.

Summary: What Elly never quite manages to ever admit is that people are usually too busy living their lives to remember every tiny little detail. This is why she means it when she angrily denies calling her children stupid, lazy and bad. She is too busy over-reacting to things that don't overwhelm her (like a son who wanted to break into her house to fucking murder her daughter) to pay heed to the crazy bullshit she's pushing past her lips.

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