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IDW Collection Three, Due Date: 16 July 2019

The latest news entry concerns the upcoming release of the third collection published by IDW. Details following:

The third FBorFW treasury book, The Complete Library, Vol. 3, is out next week! Order it from IDW Publishing, or check your local bookstore. (We won’t be carrying it in our online store – the weight and size of this book makes it too expensive to ship from Canada).

No phone, no light, no motor car, not a single luxury–John and Phil’s canoe trip turns them into castaways on an island! Once back in civilization, John solves his mid-life crisis by buying a sportscar, and Elly improbably winds up in front of a judge as a result!

Michael enters junior high school, but not before learning a different sort of life lesson at summer camp with a girl named Martha, while Liz loses her first tooth, gets her ears pierced, and finds herself in a “Mean Girls” situation with her friends at school.

Then it’s wedding bells for Uncle Phil, and Lawrence moves back to town–with a new family of his own! Volume Three, which collects the complete daily and Sunday comics from July 6, 1986 through December 9, 1989, brings to a close the first decade of Lynn Johnston‘s modern masterwork, but of course, the story is just getting started…

1) Shipping costs for something over $45 can be rather prohibitive.

2) John doesn't so much have a mid-life crisis as he has an attack of wanting to make Ted feel like shmutz.

3) "Improbably" is not the adjective I'd use for someone as oblivious as Elly. "Inevitable" is more fitting.

4) Mike doesn't learn life lessons. That's because he's Mike.

5) Liz's "Mean girls" situation is more properly a "Liz is hobbled by Elly's need to slow down her childhood" situation as yet again, her idiot mother assumes that Liz wanting to fit in means that she wants to burn through her childhood innocence and thereby send her poooor mother at warp speed to senescence and unlamented death.

6) Of course the story is only beginning: Book Four is all about how Elly's life is ruined forever and ever because April fools all of us.

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