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Learned Helplessness and Malignant Narcissism.

The latest entry in Lynn's blog is about a meeting Cathy Guisewite set up after the Reubens to blubber and grouse about their retirement or some such thing. As you can see, she's light on details and real good at namedropping:

At the Reuben awards in Huntington Beach, Ca. recently, Cathy Guisewite collected a few longtime friends together for lunch. The theme was “Thorns and Roses.” We each briefly said what had happened to us during the past year – good and bad. There were some amazing stories. We all got to know each other just a little better!

Reuben Awards Thorns and Roses Lunch

Seated in order from left to right are:

Hillary Price (“Rhymes With Orange“)
Cathy Guisewite (“Cathy“)
Linda Houden, who is Jerry Van Amerongen’s partner (“Ballard Street“). She works with companies to problem solve and is an Executive Coach.
Betty Evans; married to Greg Evans (“Luann“)
Sally Mitchell, widow of Mell Lazarus (“Momma” and “Miss Peach“)
Andrea Biezer (“Alice”)
Jenny Robb, curator at the Billy Ireland Museum of Cartoon Art
Amy Lago, comics editor for the Washington Post
Ann Telnaes, editorial cartoonist for the Washington Post

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