Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Friday, November 17

"Quotes": One.

Panel 1: I like the shrewd expression on April's face. She is, after all, the only character who's not afraid to call Liz on her BS. Liz regards Shiimsa as a nuisance to herself, except when she wants a kitty kuddle, but wants complete tolerance from everyone else. I love that ellipsis in "Because...she" as if anyone who's not a complete idiot would understand that Liz gets aggravated with her own pet. But does it matter to April if Shiimsa is in her carrier? At least that means she can't sleep on April's bed.

Panel 2: Liz looks younger all the time. And I love how this is Elly's fault. Not, "It's unsanitary," or even "Keep her off the counter" full stop, but "Mom will throw a FIT!" And I'm not going to comment on the size of April's butt, because for once, she has an actual waistline.

Panel 3: Yep, they're that fast! I laughed; this took me back.

Panel 4: Determined to wreak havoc. Further establishing herself as the alpha creature? Lack of attention? Who knows. I'm just glad we have this peaceful interlude. The stroke and trial storylines were moving WAY too fast for me.

Panel 5: And I have this feeling that we've got an actual cliffhanger that will be resolved in tomorrow's strip. Mostly because Elly is holding a bag of peas, which are a comedy staple. It's always either oranges, which bounce all over the place, or peas, which scatter and are hard to sweep up but easy to slip on. But doesn't April know where Shiimsa is? Or is she afraid to clue Elly in? At any rate, hilarity is bound to ensue.
Tags: shiimsa

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