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Lynn's Latest Artwork.

The latest feature on the website is an updated version of her page about her post-FBorFW output. As expected, she's smiling like a racoon eating fish guts off of a wire brush because she's churning out unsettling outsider art.

Many people ask us what Lynn's been doing since she retired from creating FBorFW.

She's been enjoying time with her granddaughter and grandson, travelling, and doing many other things, including painting with acrylics (and 3D fabric paint)!

Lynn's post-retirement paintings, which you can see below, are quite cartoonish—Lynn says that she can't seem to paint "seriously", if she wants something to hold her interest.

Just before we left North Bay, Ontario, I saw a sale on tiny canvases at a local art/craft shop and thought I'd take advantage. You never know when you'll need a 4X4" canvas, so I bought a bunch of them—I have friends who use them to try out new materials. I thought I'd putter about with cartoon animals in COLOUR, for a change, and these looked like a perfect size. What you'll see here are some fast experiments; some are on wood, others on canvas, and all are done with acrylic paint.

I like to use glass egg trays when I paint. The colours are kept separate. I can mix on the centre of the glass or on disposable paper mixing sheets. I use a laundry sprayer to keep the paint moist as I use it, then I cover the tray with light, plastic shower caps so nothing dries out for the next day's work. These can be found at your dollar store.

What's great about a glass palette is that acrylic paint washes right off leaving the glass completely clean—no contamination when you do the next job. Let the paint dry hard, then soak the dish in hot water. The paint will pop right off. Keep in mind that this stuff will clog your drains, so I scoop what I can out of the sink with a small strainer, then use a straining cup in the drain when I let the water out.

You can sometimes find these "devilled egg" trays at second hand stores. Buy all you can find because they are getting harder and harder to find! I have about 8—all in varying sizes; some with "gold" edges...all glass. Larger dishes with compartments are also useful, so go on a hunt for them if you like to work in acrylic!

It would be fun to see what you are doing out there. I am going to try my hand at some larger paintings some time soon. LJ

Personal observations:

1) At least she's honest about what appeals to her. That's something.

2) Too bad that what she does to amuse herself has a prospective audience of just one.

3) Since she never posts her street address on her website so she can get the mail she clearly wants, I have no idea how she's going to be able to see all the outsider art she hopes her fans will generate.

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