Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Thursday, November 16

Panel 1: A mention of Paul! O frabjous day! What the heck is a supply teacher, though? Canadian for "substitute teacher"? And I could be wrong, but I thought it had been determined that it's illegal for the school to refuse her time off to appear in court.

Panel 2: Oh, here we go. She moves in with her family so she can avoid them. Still, it's probably reassuring to Paul that she's spending evenings alone. But why is she emailing instead of talking on Skype? And this had better not be another Shiimsa-walks-on-the-keyboard gag.

Panel 3: This is a long letter? This is a letter, period? And wow, writing to someone is like talking to them! Except, like, not. And one of the Lynnions has a major Kate Winslet fetish, because Liz totally looks like her.

Panel 4: Wow. Families are annoying. Cats are annoying. Liz is annoying. Fasceenateeng.
Tags: liz an' paul, shiimsa, why did she move back home?

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