Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Tuesday, November 14

"Quotes": One.

Panel 1: ...I don't know whether to be relieved or regretful that we don't get to see Li'l Fwancie asking Liz, "Are you my new mommy?" No, on second thought, I'm regretful. At least it would have advanced this freaking storyline. I don't have much hope that Liz will confide in Elly about Granthony, either. A tiny bit, but not much.

Anyway. Elly of the Meaty Buttcheek thinks it's a good thing that Jim is frustrated, the same way Iris thought it was a good thing that he allegedly had the mind of a child. I don't follow the logic of either of them. I don't see how either of those conditions is a good sign; they could both mean that he'll be stuck in "TA!" mode forever.

Panel 2: I can tell by the closed eyes that Elly is going to dare to ask Liz how the lunch went, and she will be offended -- "MOM! It's none of your BUSINESS! Anthony is a FRIEND!" and storm off.

Panel 3: Oh, you just want it to be over with. You don't want justice or anything; you just want an end to interference in YOUR life. Why don't you have a large, steaming cup of STFU.

Panel 4: What? WHAT?! What do you get done? What kind of control did you take over the Howard situation when you were at Lakeshore? What kind of control did you take in deciding to leave Mtig? You just left your contract unsigned until Viv called you on it! Stop, stop, STOP claiming that things just happen to you. You LET them happen. You are not a "get it done" kind of person by any. means.

Panel 5: Good answer. Especially since Liz looks 15 in this panel. Take some freaking household responsibility at LEAST. Oh, and BTW, when did you go from bun to ponytail? What happened at that lunch, hm?
Tags: liz regressed, stroke aftermath, why did she move back home?

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