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Friday, 1 February 2019

Gordon's admission that Alyson has no idea who he is so it's on Mike to introduce him leads to a painful reminder that Alyson kind of hates Mike because he's kind of hard to like.

Panel 1: Mike reacts to "No, you are" by telling Gordon to get serious 'cause if he' wants t'ask Allyson out, he's gonna hafta do so himself.

Panel 2: Gordon sets up the plot for the next few weeks by confessing that he doesn't actually know Allyson but Mike sits next to her in math class so can introduce him to her.

Gordon has also injected a troubling implication that isn't "I like her therefore she is duty bound to like me" into the mix. Said implication is that since he has no idea who Allyson is, he's blinded himself to the fact that she might be as hung up on someone else as he is on her.

Panel 3: He foreshadows his stupid comment about how Liz was obliged to marry Anthony when he makes noise about how flattered Allyson will be because they stayed behind to watch her practice and will probably say something nice.

This is motherfucking stupid because because anyone sane and decent and intelligent will tell you that what they're going to see is "two skeevy jagoffs who make them feel violated."

Panel 4: Since what Allyson actually saw was two scruffy weirdos mentally undressing her and the rest of the squad, her reaction to their presence right next to the locker room door is to angrily yell "Nerd Alert! Nerd Alert! Two big ones spotted in the hall!!"

This, of course, discombobulates the budding lechers slobbering at them.

Summary: This is part of a one-two punch of Mike and Gordon not getting it. Gordon is hung up on some silly romantic fantasy that (like every such fantasy) removes the target's personality from the equation. Tomorrow, Mike reminds us that he's allergic to understanding what he looks like to other people.

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