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New Year's Day 2019

We start a four-day arc about how children seem to want to heat the outside with Mike not really listening to Elly being on his case about how he's punching his own hole in the ozone layer.

Panel 1: We start things off with Elly turning down the thermostat and hollering "Who turned this as high as it could go? It's roasting in here!!"

Panel 2: It would appear that Mike is stupid enough to admit to doing so. This, of course, results in her making that stupid God-damned palms out pleading gesture as she tells him that he doesn't heat the room any faster his way and only waste time and energy. When she tells him that she's told him a million times to make small adjustments, I start to see the problem. When she drops the "Honestly!!" bomb and says that he simply doesn't listen, I confirm my hunch.

What I see here is where Elly's being on transmit all the time and going 'WAH! WAH! WAH! YOU'RE TRYING TO DESTROY ME!!' no matter what the kids do as failing her horribly. If everything they do is wrong, they don't know what their bad habits actually are and so cannot address them.

Panel 3: Mike hangs a lampshade on Elly's volatile temper by telling Liz that he's just observed an interesting electrical phenomenon.

Panel 4: Said interesting thing is that if you touch the thermostat, Elly blows a fuse.

Summary: This does lead to a talk with the kids about home heating costs. Too bad it's delivered by a man who keeps harping that they're free-loading off of him because he has to buy their food and clothing and provide a room for them.

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