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Christmas Eve Day 2018

The true end to the arc has John and Liz bear witness to something that seems miraculous to them: a kindness gratefully appreciated.

Panel 1: As Elizabeth and John walk down the street with their packages, it's windy and the rain has picked back up. This backdrop to her saying "Christmas is a special time of year, isn't it, Daddy?" and his saying "It sure is!" becomes a plot point.

Panel 2: This is because he sees something she doesn't when she starts the sentence "Now matter how cold an'windy it gets,...."; said something is a woman with an umbrella standing at a bus stop who's just noticed a homeless woman huddling against the rain and wind.

Panel 3: He smiles as the woman with the umbrella gives it to the grateful homeless person and also as Liz says "...something always happens to make you feel warm inside!!"

Summary: We're probably meant to contrast John's appreciation of a charitable act with Liz's more materialistic inclinations. In any event, we shouldn't actually be seeing this today. We should be seeing a new-run that has Elly wonder why John never buys anything useful like snow tires. Lynn went out of sequence for a very stupid reason and in a slipshod manner, I think.

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