dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Today, Farley is a cartoon dog who understands English so that John can look like a moron because he doesn't realize how boring it is for Ol'Farl to be told that no one will play with him because they gots too much stuff to do.

Panel 1: We start things off in the front yard with a happy-looking Farley trying to keep up with Liz only to be told "No, Farley."

Panel 2: Since he understands English today, he's crestfallen when she tells him that she's going skating and he can't come.

Panel 3: A little while later, he sees Mike (who is in the hallway) getting ready to go out and is all happy because thinks that he's going to have something to do and someone to do it with.

Panel 4: Yet again, he's disappointed because Mike tells him that they don't allow dogs at hockey practice.

Panel 5: We next see him with a ball in his mouth being told "Not now" by Elly as she gets ready to go out. This leads us to a realization that Lynn is telling us how day to day life looks to her. People just come and go at random to her and she's too lacking in curiosity to begin to want to understand why.

Panel 6: When he's told that she has too much to do, Farley is mildly gobsmacked.

Panel 7: He slumps down in defeat because she tells him "Stay there, boy....Good dog....I'll be back soon" because he wants to play right now.

Panel 8: When the door opens, his mood brightens.

Panel 9: When John sees Farley all happy with that ball in his mouth, he notes what a good mood he's in.

Panel 10: When John assumes his favourite position (velcroed to the armchair cowering behind his paper), he leaves Ol'Farl gobsmacked when he says it must be nice doing nothing all day.

Summary: If Farley could talk, his reply would be "No, it ain't, ape!"; this is because it's something of a bad joke on him that they treat him as if he's something they can forget for weeks at a time.

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