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Useful Notes: The Ontario Traffic Courts.

In order to clarify where Lynn is in error, here's a link to a guide by the Province about what to expect.

The passages that stick out like a sore thumb are:

This Guide does not provide legal advice.

You are strongly urged to get legal advice from a lawyer or paralegal about your legal options and the possible penalties you could face.

In deciding whether or not to obtain legal advice, especially if you plan to represent yourself, consider:
  • the charge you are facing,
  • the complexity of the case,
  • your understanding of the legal process and the issues,

  • the risk of a substantial fine, jail time or other penalty that would have significant personal impact (for example, driving demerit points, driver’s licence suspension).


Prosecutor (sometimes called “the Crown”): The prosecutor is the person with the authority to prosecute the offence. It is the prosecutor’s responsibility to prove that you committed the offence with which you are charged.

This means that, yeah, they do have a prosecutor whose job would have been to state the Crown's case against JUST Elly.

Also, here's something about the demerit point system applicable in Ontario. Since the charge against Elly is making an improper left turn, she'd be slapped with two demerit points, be fined fifty bucks and get a warning letter from the province. Since she's Elly Patterson, she'd react as if they called her a hardened criminal.

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