Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Wednesday, November 1

Panel 1: Okay, so we're going to see Becky's performance. I had been afraid that they would skip ahead to after the show, with Becky storming off stage and berating 4-Evah for showing her up. She looks really beautiful here, even if she is showing a startling amount of cleavage. Is the woman dabbing powder on her face someone who works for her? If she has a full crew, then, as I've said before, this could be taken two ways. Either she's pretentious, thinking she can bring her entourage to a high school show, or, despite having a full crew and all that that implies, she still longs for the acceptance of her classmates. ETA: And you could interpret her expression in this panel as wistfulness for days gone by, when her bandmates were her peers, and they all had fun and shared their triumphs, and it wasn't work, and...okay, I'm making myself ill.

Anyway, looks like 4-Evah made it fun. I wish we could leave it at that, but I'm sure it won't be.

Panel 2: Oh no. Oh seriously no. That's the first time I've ever seen Becky being mean to Shannon one on one (despite the Lynn-worshippers claiming it's happened numerous times). Dang. And Shannon wasn't even in her way. :(

But you know, it's also not the height of cool for LJ to use Shannon in this capacity. Putting "STAFF" on Shannon's shirt is actually a blatant declaration of her role in the strip. She exists for others: to encourage April (and, as Howard points out, so April can lean down to her as if she's five years older than Shannon instead of a year younger), and to be a device for illustrating how terrible Becky is. Becky wasn't just rude; she was rude to a special needs kid!!!

Panel 3: Well, I can hear it now. "Becky's bragging about how famous and important she is!" "No, she's excited about performing at school! If she really had an attitude, she wouldn't be here!" "But she said she's been touring! That's pretentious and wrong!"

Panel 4: Ooh, she said they RULE. Burn the witch! And what's the problem about to arise?

Panel 5: Lost the sound? But she was just talking into the mike. Okay, so here we go. She'll have a meltdown, a diva fit... or, "lost the sound" means she lipsynchs, and she won't be able to, so she'll have to either sing for real (badly, of course, so badly, especially compared to the FVHaP) or she won't perform at all. And April will go after her and comfort her because April is her One True Friend. much as I hate the idea of that, if it's the price of never having to hear about Becky again, I can accept it. PLEASE let this be the last we hear of her (after April comes to her emotional rescue, of course.)
Tags: evil becky, hallowe'en show, shan...non

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