Charles (chucique) wrote in binky_betsy,

DID SHE REALLY....? Part The Second

Very pleased at the response to my post a little less than two weeks ago, but I came up with another few and I know that no one's actually going to read a new message if I put it in the initial thread now that said thread has been pushed off the front page. Besides, at least one of these may be worth a thread all its own.


Screw up her characterization of Anthony, Liz's husband, so badly, and moreover recognize that she had done so, such that she actually hired her sister-in-law to write a story about Anthony in an attempt to explain away all the horrendous things he had done? And that about 99% of the details contained within that story had absolutely nothing to do with anything in any of the actual strips featuring Anthony or discussing Anthony? DID SHE REALLY make Liz look worse because she apparently knew none of these important background details of the man she was marrying? That she knew none of this when she was dating Anthony in high school? Reading that biography, could you even remotely suggest that Liz knows anything at all about him?


Have Anthony, when asked, reveal that he only had a vague idea of what Therese, HIS WIFE, did for a living? While disparaging her parenting skills?


Make it seem as if Elly had made a major gesture of selfless generosity toward April when she bought the butter tarts April liked, rather than the ones she liked, to celebrate April coming home after being gone all summer? Can we legitimately conclude from this strip that Elly never did anything spontaneously nice for April ever?

(Okay, I added that last one as much because my posts seem to be too Anthony-centric.

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