aprilp_katje (aprilp_katje) wrote in binky_betsy,


Not sure how/if it's possible to share, but on the Facebook page for FBorFW, there was a video posted with the following description:

Watch as Lynn brings adored FBorFW character "Anthony" to life! For the chance to receive an original drawing of your own, be sure to participate in our future contests.

Adored?!?!?! I don't think that word means what Lynn and her team think it does. A couple of notable things: Lynn is copying from a strip in one of her collections. Don't most cartoonist have model sheets for their characters, which they use instead of copying from earlier strips? Also Paul Lucas gets a credit for the background music.

Lynn copying "adored" Anthony from a collection.

Ta-da! Lynn drew as much of Anthony as she had patience for (head and shoulders)

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