Charles (chucique) wrote in binky_betsy,


Hey everyone! I must apologize how infrequent my participation has been for several years now. I've always liked this community and it was a central hub of snark for me when FBOW was winding down over a decade ago. I miss it here and there and would love to participate more, but it does seem that to do so I'd have to start reading FBOW reruns and that's a bridge too far.

Anyway, being away from this community, and more importantly, being away from full-time modern-day FOOB updates for just over a decade now has allowed me to look back over the storylines and developments in a new light. Maybe it's my own development, or maybe it's just that when you read a comic strip regularly for years, you tend to overlook just how absurd the world LJ has presented truly is.

In light of that, I've decided to create a new post about a new game of mine entitled, as above, DID SHE REALLY....? Basically it's both a test of my potentially faulty memory as well as a reflection of just how absurd FOOB got. I indicate something I remember from my days of reading FBOW and all its supplemental material (usually updated for me since I wouldn't actually read those damn letters most months) and wonder.... DID SHE REALLY....?

So let's begin!
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