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Sunday, 16 September 2018: John has no comic timing at all: OFFICIAL.

Mike does something that gets on my last God-damned nerve today when he dares to dictate to Elly how to dress while Elly does something far God-damned worse: she gives in.

Panel 1: We start today's example of spineless underparenting in which Elly caves when it actually kind of counts with Mike asking her if what she's wearing is what she plans on wearing down town. Having Michael express a concern that should be Elizabeth's reminds us that Lynn intends to go right on not understanding teenage boys because in the real world, Mike wouldn't notice it if Elly were to parade around in an original series Starfleet uniform.

Panel 2: He then does something that I myself knew better than to do or want to do despite my being one of the stupidest teenagers known to man (mostly because of the fact that I only noticed what my mom wore once in a blue moon) and laughs at her appearance.

Panel 3: He starts off by telling Elly to roll her slacks up because they look like bell bottoms because he's Lindy trying not to have her mom totally humiliate her by looking like she's from the olden days.

Panel 4: He then commands her to wear a T-shirt because her blouse is like so totes yesterday.

Panel 5: He then irritates her by suggesting a different style of belt. He should not use that word because belt is a verb applicable to his situation. Its use is "Elly should belt him for acting like a snot."

Panel 6: The final straw is his telling her to do something about her hair.

Panel 7: When she finally yells that she's had enough of Mike's beefing about her looks, John makes the scene.

Panel 8: Elly tells John that she's about to drive Mike down to the mall to meet his friends.

Panel 9: Having heard his wife's explanation for the conflict, John asks her why she submitted to her son's dress inspection like a chump.

Panel 10: John is severely astonished when Elly says that she degraded herself like that because she planned on getting out of the car.

Summary: The next time Elly starts ranting about how disrespectful Mike is and how he's got it in his head that he can boss her around, John can tell her that she should stop giving in. It's like watching Megatron not shoot Starscream in the back of the head even though he should have. Also, Joshua K is bloody well right that this isn't something a teenage boy would do but, well, Lynn has no idea what a teenage boy's deal is and doesn't wanna learn. We prove that tomorrow when we continue with her belief that having an erection must feel a lot like menstrual cramps.

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