Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Sunday, October 22

Panel 1: Well, it is possible for a Sunday strip to be coordinated with the dailies. I'm just mildly surprised that this storyline has been deemed important enough for a Sunday. The way they were cutting back and forth, I wouldn't have expected this.

Anyway. As others have said, Iris can be "shown" how to lift Jim, but no one can magically make her strong enough. And how do we know he's capable of rolling to the side? Is it even safe?

Panel 2: Using his feet? How?

Panel 3: Oh, now she hopes he's hungry. This is how the infantilzation starts: you eat on the caretaker's schedule, not your own.

Panel 4: Judging by his expression, I don't think he does like Cream of Wheat. Perhaps she means he hates it less than alternatives. Cookie Monster likes grits, though, so I suppose there's no accounting for taste.

Panel 5: Sigh. This is really sad. Not just the way they're portraying it: the whole idea is sad.

Panel 6: ...

Panel 7: That's an odd phrasing. He can't do things for himself because he has Iris? How about, he can't but it's okay because he has her?

Panel 8: What's really sad is that Jim probably went through the same thing with Marian. Except we didn't have to see every excruciating panel. Why can't Jim have gone quietly and peacefully?

Panel 9: Again with the coherent thought balloons. People, it's not like he's been in a car accident. His BRAIN was affected.

Panel 10: Sigh.

This is going up on so many bulletin boards.
Tags: phil, stroke aftermath

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