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Dial "H" for Human Interest.

One of the latest News Notes seems to be about Lynn's 'mentoring' a grade school student. As one could expect, we're dealing with the same incoherent grab-bag of cliches about hard work from a lottery winner.

In June, Lynn happened across an article in Vancouver’s North Shore News, about a young cartoonist who used For Better or For Worse as inspiration for his own work.

Lynn offered young Evan a private cartooning lesson, and he took her up on her offer as soon as his summer break started. Here’s a follow-up article by Maria Spitale-Leisk: Lynn Johnston mentors student on the art of the comic strip

Lynn Johnston mentors Evan Panton

On the first day of summer break Panton turned up at Johnston’s studio in the Keith-Lynn area for his cartoon class. A familiar character, Farley the sheepdog, is laying about the studio, which is decorated with an easel and portraits of friendly cartoon animals.

Johnston wants her young student to see that there is no “secret sauce” to being a cartoonist.

“It’s no mystery – it’s all brushes and paints and pencils,” she says.
Read the complete article here.

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