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Philly Fan-Addicts: The 2018 Reuben Awards Weekend

Tom Heintjes’ pictures of the Reuben Awards have arrived.

This year, even Lynn Johnston noticed, or rather I think webmaster Stephanie noticed that we always notice:

These take up a lot of space so we will discuss after the cut

This picture titled “Women cartoonists attending the weekend gather for a group photo” answers the question I had been wondering about the weekend.  If you look across the first row of women to the last one on the left with the nametag Andrea something, you will see behind that woman’s head is a man sitting in a chair in about the 4th row back.  That man is Lynn Johnston’s “partner” Paul Lucas.  Score, Lynn!!

As for the people in the picture, I have tried to figure it out based on Tom Heintjes' other pictures, but I did not find all their names.  Fill them in if you know them.
On the floor - Isabella Bannerman (Six Chix)
Front row – Andrea?, Maria Scrivan(Today on Half Full), Jenny Campbell(Flo & Friends), Peaco Todd (book illustration), Ann Telnaes(Six Chix), 6?
Second row – Hilary Price (Rhymes with Orange), Lynn Johnston, Jan Eliot(Stone Soup), Barbara Dale(The Stanley Family), Cathy Guisewite(Cathy)
Third row – Ali Solomon Mainhart (Strings Attached), Polly Keener(Hamster Alley), Sandra Bell-Lundy(Between Friends), Carolyn Belefski(Curls), Angie Jordan (caricaturist), 6?
Amazingly, Bunny Hoest is not in this picture and she was at the Reuben Awards.

Cathy Guisewite (l) and Lynn Johnston at a panel on women in cartooning.
It looks like Lynn and Cathy are watching someone else talk.  Lynn is very white in this picture.  I am calling this her all-white day.

Cathy Guisewite (l) and Lynn Johnston at a panel on pioneering women in cartooning.
In this one, it looks like either Lynn and Cathy are sharing a joke or Lynn has just realized that Cathy is there and Cathy is amused that Lynn just noticed her.

John Glynn and Lynn Johnston
John Glynn is a Universal Uclick editor.

Lynn Johnston and Bill Griffith
Judging from the all-white outfit and the microphone, it appears Lynn was on another panel over-and-above the women cartoonists panel.  Lynn gets the biggest award she can get after the Reuben for someone not producing any new material.  She is on two panels.  She has Paul Lucas with her.  It does not get any better than that for Lynn Johnston.  Fantastic!!  Bill Griffith is the cartoonist for Zippy the Pinhead. 

Jeff Parker and Lynn Johnston
This is on a different day from Lynn’s all-white day. 

Jeff Parker and Steve Kelley work on the comic strip Dustin, which was launched in 2010.  Before that Jeff worked as an editorial cartoonist. This is probably why Lynn Johnston has a “Who are you and why are you shaking my hand while someone is taking a picture?” shocked look on her face.

Lynn Johnston with her just-won NCS Medal of Honor
This is not the Medal of Honor we saw on her website. Goodness that is a busy necklace Lynn is wearing. Lynn looks uncomfortable like the award is too heavy for her, or someone is stepping on her foot.

This is the one we saw
The reverse of the Medal of Honor

The obverse of the Medal of Honor

Marcia D’Angelo, Joe D’Angelo and Lynn Johnston (l-r)
King Features Joseph F. D’Angelo, Chairman Emeritus, and his wife Marcia
From the all-white day.

Lynn Johnston and Nathan Archer
You can see from his badge, he is an editorial cartoonist, a new member and it’s his first time there. How did this guy get anywhere near Lynn? She is in her outfit from her not all-white day and she is not wearing her badge, so I am going to guess he snagged on the way to registration.


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