Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Friday, October 20

Panel 1: Okay, that's not really an answer. Iris has been taking care of Jim for several years now: not to the extent that will be necessary now, but she can probably adapt. I can't say offhand if she's really up to it, but I'd rather see her try because she wants to, rather than see Elly martyr herself because she feels she HAS to.

Panel 2: See? And again, it is not like this would be a whole new thing for her. I hope it won't be presented as such.

Panel 3: Yeah, man! I'm getting mad here. I mean, if Iris doesn't take care of Jim, then she fits...where, exactly? And I love how the doctor is suddenly standing up so he can look down at her.

Panel 4: Thank heavens! Well, perhaps he was just checking to see how firm her resolve really was.

Panel 5: Gah. Always with the carrots. And I see Jim can still form coherent thought balloons, and follow what's happening around him. Let's all look forward to his grumpy commentary, then. It'll never be more than grumpy, of course: not bitter or despondent.
Tags: stroke aftermath

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