dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

For Better Or For Dick

Remember that thing I linked to about how Mike showed up on today's Dick Tracy? Here's Lynn's take on the event:

Earlier this year, Lynn was invited to contribute to Dick Tracy, by having Michael appear in a cameo at Junior’s book signing. Here’s the strip, and a note from Lynn about the honour of being asked:

I discovered Dick Tracey(sic) when I was young, so I was excited to be invited to draw Michael in a “cameo” appearance.

It’s times like these when, on the comics page, cartoon characters really do “come to life”. They exist in their own surreal realm, which is why they are ageless and timeless, and relevant to readers of all ages.

I will always think of the FBorFW characters as being “alive” no matter what stage of development I draw them in. As soon as I touch pen to paper, there they are.

Having Michael interact with characters in Dick Tracy is as easy as walking next door to see a friend! This collaboration was a lot of fun.


She might have discovered Dick Tracy but she's kinda hazy on the spelling of his last name. Cue remark about how only fungus people care about consistent and accurate spelling because she only has thirty seconds.

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