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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Today's strip is a bit of sweetness about how faith and fate give you what you didn't know you wanted. It's kind of too bad that it's subverted hard by a reminder that Elly doesn't want to look back and realize that she really dropped the ball with Mike.

(Strip Number 1460, Original Publication Date, 14 June 1989)

Panel 1: A little while later, Michael joins in the "Let's look back" thing so that Liz can ask why Elly had him first. Elly explains that that's just the way things happened.

Panel 2: Mike nices up his usual smugly dismissive comment about how it's not his fault he got born first by blaming it all on Nature and says you gotta take what you get. This would be a lot easier to swallow if Mike didn't also believe that Liz chose to be born to bust his ass.

Panel 3: When he asks for confirmation from Elly, she agrees with him.

Panel 4: Since she sprays a gloss of sentimentality over all of the times she wanted to murder her children for mildly irritating her, she means it when she gets all soppy about how somehow, you always seem to get what you wanted.

Summary: We are about to dive head-first into a marvelous world of contrasting Elly's sappy remarks about the happy first days with Lizzie with the depressing reality. We start tomorrow with them ignoring a fact on the ground: the boy who is surly for some baffling reason and thus can't be liked.

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