Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Sunday, October 15

Panel 1: Ah, a family outing! I am impressed by Deanna's psychedelic pants. Seriously, no joke. I can't remember the last time a Patterson displayed any creativity in their choice of clothing. Meanwhile, is it my monitor, or does Mike appear to have freckles?

Panel 2: Merrie wants corn. Uh, okay...

Panel 3: Oh, I see where this is going. She'll be all gung-ho about vegetables when they're presented for sale, but refuse to eat them when they're on her plate. Robin sure has some long arms. And I like the bee hanging up in the honey booth.

Panel 4: Aw, it looks like Merrie is giving Deanna a bouquet! Does Robin have to have butt cleavage, though?

Panel 5: And Robin wants carrots and celery. Well, the carrots I can understand: he's being raised on them. Although in that case, you'd think he'd be heartily sick of them by now.

Panel 6: And of course pumpkins. All kidding aside, I like pumpkin soup, although I've never made it from scratch.

Panel 7: That wind spiral looks like it's engulfing Deanna. And why does everyone in this family have a translucent butt?

Panel 8: And now cotton candy. My dad established a no-cotton-candy policy very early on, because it always means a session with ice cubes and crystallized hair.

Panel 9: But it looks like a dust mop.

Panel 10: Jeez, Dee, lighten up.

Panel 11: Huh. I liked my idea better, to be honest. And the Patterspawn look grotesque in this panel.
Tags: mike has kids?

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