Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Saturday, October 14

Panel 1: I'll tell you one thing. I am never going to denigrate those soap opera cartoons (Mary Worth, Rex Morgan, et al) again. Slow paced, yeah, but they thoroughly explore a subject before they move on. Three weeks of strips in the same location is actually less frustrating than the way FOOB hops around.

Anyway. Long ago, when Uncle Phil was living with but not yet married to Georgia, he was aghast when he realized that she was turning him into...DOMESTIC MAN!! He pictured himself wearing a ruffled apron and surrounded by objects such as a frying pan, a homemaking magazine, and an oven mitt. Or perhaps he was wearing the oven mitt too. Point is, this is what Granthony has become. He even has the feminine posture. And Liz is sticking out her stomach right back at him. Do matching postures trump matching parkas?

And again, when he says "I sew," does he mean he knows how to mend a torn seam? Or does he whip up cute little seersucker sunsuits for little Francie? And applique duckies on the butt? ETA: I apologize for my ill-considered remarks about Granthony's domestication. No, there's certainly nothing wrong with anyone, man or woman, being capable domestically. It's just that a) Granthony is such a waste of space, he makes any vocation sound bad and b) I have a hard time believing that he's proficient at what he claims to do. I still think that "I sew" means he once replaced a lost button, not that he's making all of Francie's clothes by hand.

Panel 2: Astronomy, eh. Is this a deliberate bookending with Liz an' Paul's first meeting, or do the Lynnions honestly not see the hypocrisy? And please, oh please let Granthony put that oven mitt close enough to the burner to catch fire. Slowly smoldering at first, of course: perhaps he'll be dead of smoke inhalation before he knows the difference.

Panel 3: And? And? What else happened at those stargazing parties? Did you meet anyone interesting? Huh? Huh?

Panel 4: That's the worst face on Liz I've seen in a while. And I think we went over this before, at the time of the stargazing party: you don't need a telescope to look at the Milky Way. You look at it in its entirety, not in detail. Anyway, what did you say about dreams? Any particular dreamy guy show up when you were looking at stars?

Panel 5: Cripes. And people say LOST never resolves anything.

Okay, it's official. If Liz can get that wistful while still avoiding any mention of Paul, there's no hope. I just wish that, since it is that way, we could get some indication of WHY. Have Liz say or think something to the effect that she's keeping her options open. Or she doesn't know how she feels. Or she's afraid of hurting Granthony's feelings. Or SOMETHING. I'm just sick and f---ing tired of her carrying on as if she has no boyfriend at all. If this has to happen, make it DRAMATIC. Don't act as if Granthony is a person worth falling in love with. Make it a difficult choice for Liz.
Tags: granthony the amazing, lizthony, obliviliz, paul is toast

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