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Fund for the Arts on the North Shore hosted an “At Home with Lynn Johnston and Friends”

Lynn has not told us how her fundraiser for FANS went, but others have, so we will discuss it after the cut.

Fund for the Arts on the North Shore hosted an “At Home with Lynn Johnston and Friends” fundraiser at the heritage home of Bob McMillin and Andrea Newsom on April 20. More than 60 guests were on hand for the sold-out event to celebrate FANS Distinguished Artist Award winner Lynn Johnston, who shared the creative process for her widely popular For Better or Worse cartoon series. The event also featured a performance by guitarist Paul Lucas and friends, along with a cake tasting and auction. Monies raised will go towards the FANS endowment fund which supports North Shore artists with grants and awards for those who achieve nationally recognized bodies of work in their respective fields. The first FANS Distinguished Artist Award was presented in 1995 and subsequently has been given to North Shore actors, painters, poets, First Nation carvers, musicians and composers. photos Paul McGrath, North Shore News

FANS directors Christine O’Bryne and Anne Rodgers with award-winning cartoonist Lynn Johnston


Another fabulously successful FANS event was held on April 20th. The evening featured Lynn Johnston who was one of our FANS Distinguished Artist winners in 2017. The amazing and funny animated comic strip creator of FOR BETTER OR WORSE comic strip discussed her creative process. The talk was followed by cake tasting and a music performance by Paul Lucas and Friends.

My comment: These people have a huge living room if it can handle 60 people.  However because the windows are up, they must not have any decent A/C.  It's Vancouver in April, so they probably don't need it.

My comment: The Pattersons with young Elizabeth and MIchael and not April.  Notice Lynn has her ring on her left hand but it is not an engagement ring.

My comment: It wouldn't be a Lynn presentation without some mugging.

My comment: I don't know who the guitarist is performing with Paul Lucas.  The other players in the old Paul Lucas Trio included a guy on bass and a guy on drums, so he is not one of them.  He seems to be reading music off a tablet while Paul Lucas plays with his eyes closed.

Cake tasting and auction by North Shores finest bakeries.

Seven sweet creations from Thomas Haas, Two Daughters Bakeshop, Butter Lane, Temper, Cafe Crema and Flour Bakery. Thank you all. You help to make the North Shore a creatively rich place!

Many thanks to Bob and Andrea for hosting our event in their lovely heritage home.

My comment: This is the one picture of Lynn post presentation and it's good to see she is socializing.

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