Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Friday, October 13

Okay, this is traditionally a bad-luck day, especially when it's October. So bring it on. Get it over with. Anything's better than the ten millionth "hint" that Granthony is still hung up on Liz.

Panel 1: Oh, jeez, we're really supposed to believe he did the work with his own two hands. Or Liz is supposed to believe that, anyway. Not selling himself too hard, is he. Hey, you know who else was a carpenter?

Panel 2: And he mentions the kid who is...where, I wonder? I like the way the wind gives Liz's skirt a demure little flip as Granthony ushers her back into her future his home.

Panel 3: Let's see. Warren is a pilot. Paul is a cop. But what really knocks Liz for a loop is a guy who can build a playhouse.

Panel 4: I don't know what the frakking point of this panel is, unless it's illustrating how trapped Liz will be if she lets the Granthony train run over her. Or how cozy it will be, which is probably how we're supposed to, and she does, look at it. I don't see how else this is a punchline. I know plenty of people who have a play area for their kids in the basement -- what makes this one so special?

Okay, Lynnions, you've got one more day to come up with a payoff. Get. This. Over. With.
Tags: granthony the amazing, lizthony

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