dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Saturday, 12 May 2018

John subverts Michael's attempt to make Liz feel remorse for what she did to Farley with terrible wordplay.

(Strip Number 5129, Original Publication Date, 13 May 1989)

Panel 1: Since Mike remembers that if this had been his fault, there'd probably be talk of injuring his leg to make him see how it feels, he laces into Liz for putting the elastic on Farley's leg and how it's all her fault that he got hurt.

Panel 2: Liz weeps openly because, having put it on his leg and simply forgot it, Farley hates her now. This is because she doesn't know that Farley can't make the connection between her and his injury because he's not people.

Panel 3: Since John tends to sentimentalize and humanize dogs when he really shouldn't, he reassures Liz by telling that this isn't the case because a dog is always willing to give its owner a second chance.

Panel 4: When John tells her "Remember ... 'To Err Is Human; To Forgive Canine!'", Mike groans in irritation because John's conversation-ending bad pun means that Liz got away with something again.

Summary: The sad reality is that Farley has already forgotten what Liz did in the first place. Dogs don't remember things like human beings do so he's just going to go up to the friendly little creature and get hurt again because he isn't able to connect her being dumb with his pain. Ah, well. Next week, we spend the next three weeks watching Elly turning reading into a punishment like the idiot she is.

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