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The latest news entry: "Can you help Lynn?"

One of the latest news items appears to be a mass solicitation for original artwork so as to help complete the second IDW compilation.

As IDW Publishing puts together the next of Lynn’s treasury books, we’re looking for some help to re-create the vintage colouring from when the strips were originally published, in 1983 and 1985. We’re missing some parts of specific strips – here is a list of dates, below, followed by images of the strips in question.

Full strip needed:

Dec 4, 1983

Dec 11, 1983

Dec 18, 1983

Top row of panels needed:

Sep 2, 1984

Sep 15, 1985

Sep 22, 1985

Nov 10, 1985

Dec 29, 1985

Can you help?

If you have clippings or colour copies of these strips, please contact us at design@fborfw.com – even a cellphone photo of the strip would be helpful, as we just need to see the original colours that were used. Here are the strips we’re looking for:

Given that the book is supposed to be published this July, I think that howtheduck is right to assume that once again, Lynn is up to her usual rat-fuckery and trying to impose her will on IDW because SHE has to be in charge and not take orders and be rolled over and told that her pie crust is soggy so she should just kill herself because her mother will NEVER love her and so on and so forth. It never seems to occur to her that tanking a good deal just to yell "I'M RIGHT!!!" is the stupidest move ever.

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