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Saint Patrick's Day 2018

Farley is Elly's favourite 'child' because when she bitches at him, he doesn't talk back.

(Strip Number 5105, Original Publication Date, 18 March 1989)

Panel 1: As Elly reads the newspaper she tells people she doesn't have time to read because she has no help and no time to herself, Liz comes along trolling for praise and asks her which child she likes the best. Since she doesn't seem to be able to coexist with children without yowling about how they're trying to destroy her, her comment about liking them equally means not a whole hell of a lot.

Panel 2: Since Liz didn't get the answer she wanted ("Elizabeth"), she asks Elly who of the two of them is easiest to bring up. Since I'm a monster who wants children in war zones to die because I don't think Lynn has feelings, I tend to turn Elly's comment about how they're equally challenging into a comment about how Elly makes life harder for herself by assuming that her job is to fight the children at every God-damned turn.

Panel 3: Liz smiles a big, greasy smile as she bats her eyes at Elly and asks of the two of them is good the most and does what they're told the most and is the easiest to live with.

Panel 4: A few minutes later, a freaked-out Elizabeth tells Mike that instead of picking either of them to be her favourite, Elly chose the dog.

Summary: Well, of course Elly would say THAT. The dog isn't going to say anything hurtful and wrong about how Elly's need to think of her children as adversaries makes her life worse.

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