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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

We once again get reminded that huffy ignoramus Lynn isn't exactly clear on why grooming is rather important for teenaged boys when Aaron gets castigated by proxy for wanting to not smell like a damned polecat.

(Strip Number 5059, Original Publication Date, 14 December 1988)

Panel 1: As they arrive at Exile Farm, Elly greets Bev and Danny while Mike is thought-bubbling "Here it comes" because he remembers that one of them always greets him by doing something he doesn't like.

Panel 2: Said "someone" is Aunt Bev and what she's doing is something that God Himself cannot convince her that boys HATE when she gives him a bear-hug. Mike sets up the punchline by telling her to watch the hair thereby 'proving' that he hates his aunt or something which explains why Elly looks at him as if he yelled HEIL HITLER!!

Panel 3: We zoom to an interior scene so as to make a point of reminding ourselves of how foolish Michael is being when someone (probably Elly) tells him that no one knows him out here because (thanks to her) he's on a family farm in another province hundreds of kilometres from home. He knows this.

Panel 4: As he stares at hectares of Wall To Wall Fuck All out the window, he consoles himself with the fact that at least he looks good.

Summary: If we do have notes, we can probably expect idiotic and aggravating wailing about how Aaron cleaned himself up to impress friends and female contemporaries but not his poooooooooor mother that he haaaaaaaaaaaated. Also, we see part of Elly's BRILLIANT scheme to make him WONDERFUL and KIND and LOVING and GRATEFUL: lecturing him non-stop about how selfish and misguided he is to impress people who aren't HER. MORON!!! No wonder he's a surly jerk!! You can't keep harping about that sort of thing and NOT alienate people!!!

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