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Friday, 17 November 2017

Brian points out that unlike the poor children whose lazy mothers don't love them enough to increase their wordpower, teachers are going to see right through Mike's campaign to insult them via a thesaurus.

(Strip Number 1369, Original Publication Date, 18 November 1988)

Panel 1: We see Mike tell a pseudo-punk girl named Janice that she looks stupid and her outfit is ugly by calling her vacuous and her ensemble opprobrious. Since it doesn't make sense to her that a social outcast who isn't worth the trouble of shouting down think that he can improve his social standing by insulting her from a thesaurus, she gives him a funny look and says "Uh....sure?" before leaving the scene to tell people to watch out for that no-hoper Patterson because now, he thinks that using fifty dollar insults makes him smart.

Panel 2: Brian sidles over when Lawrence tells Mike that his plan to insult everyone undetected is working and also to use 'churlish', 'obtuse', 'puerile', 'insipid' and 'plebeian'; Lynn reminds us that she confuses 'words people use everyday' with 'words they actually know' when she has Brian ask what's goin'on because she thinks that people who don't talk as if they swallowed a thesaurus ARE churlish, obtuse, puerile, insipid and insipid because they don't show off to strangers in order that We Moms might bask in their glory.

Panel 3: Mike answers him with a question when he asks Brian what would happen if he were to call Mrs Maloney porcine, oleaginous and corpulent.

Panel 4: Since Brian knows that those words all mean 'fat' and he knows that this woman would as well, what he thinks would happen is that Mike would fail math.

Summary: You'll have noticed that this is the second day in a row that Lynn has used Mike as a sort of mouthpiece for her belief that if a mother cared to do so, she could have a child speak like a Philadelphia lawyer in order to set him or her up in life and also to be praised for doing so. You'll also have noticed that Lynn has a distinct problem understanding that there's something of a chasm between "words people know" and "words they use in day-to-day conversation". This leaves us dealing with a nitwit who thinks that he's clever by using words he just learned because he assumes that he's the first to have done so.

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