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Wednesday, September 27

First off, I'd like to express my condolences to all posters who have lost loved ones. For your sake, I hope LJ handles this sequence with the utmost taste and diplomacy.

Panel 1: Okay, a stroke. Well, we've already discussed the possibility of his lingering in an invalid state. However, what would be worse would be if he snapped out of it in a matter of weeks, the way the going-after was shrugged off.

Panel 2: Sigh. Denial, all right. Reminds me of a line from a Ruth Rendell novel, in which someone was told that another character had died. "'But I was just talking to her last week!' as if that meant Mrs. Brewer could not be dead; must be shamming." It is, as others have pointed out, hard to process the idea of someone being fine one minute and struck down the next.

Panel 3: Well, he must still be alive. They DO have the sense to check for a pulse, right?

Panel 4: Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. Looks like there's going to be a drawn-out debate over whether or not to pull the plug.

I have to give LJ credit for this one. If she approaches this realistically, and shows what a family really does go through when faced with this decision, she will finally achieve that level of relevance that she's been trying to regain ever since Lawrence came out. Again, I hope it won't be too distressing to readers who have had to deal with this IRL, and I hope the sequence has been written with that concern in mind.
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