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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Lizzie appears to have accepted Ed Crankshaft as her personal saviour because she uses bad wordplay in order to explain away her being needlessly rough with her belongings.

(Strip Number 6170, Original Publication Date, 13 November 1988)

Panel 1: We start things off with Lizzie opening her umbrella on a rainy late autumn day.

Panel 2: This is so she can use it as a sort of sail to go roller skating like a kid instead of keeping it over her head like an adult or a Martian creature picky-face princess who gets falsely accused by someone who quit motherhood when said princess turned sixteen.

Panel 3: The strip proper begins with Elly, who's typing up another article about what's going on at the library, asking a drenched Liz what she's been up to. Lizzie says that she's been roller skating.

Panel 4: As she starts to dry Lizzie off, Elly reminds her that it's raining rather heavily.

Panel 5: As they walk to the washroom, Lizzie says it's okay because she had her un-brella.

Panel 6: Rather than mentally make a note to get in John's face about being a terrible influence on his children, Elly corrects Lizzie by saying that the word is "UMbrella."

Panel 7: Lizzie stands by her neologism.

Panel 8: She then hands her terrified mother the wrecked umbrella.

Panel 9: When she walks away and explains that it was windy out, she probably knows that Mommy is looking as if she just got shut in the gut again.

Summary: The interesting thing is not that yet again, we have terrible wordplay that ensures that the Pattersons don't travel at all well or that Elly is once again left confused and horrified by something predictable. The interesting thing is that when a gust of wind pulls an umbrella deployed correctly from April's hand, she's accused of wrecking it on purpose because April Fools All Of Us.

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