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Binky Betsy

Wednesday, April 20

No quotes, no "an'"s, no inventaslang (tm someone on another blog), no b-d-bs. Shoot. I feel like I raced to the edge of an empty pool.

Anyway. In panel 1, John looks like he's shedding a cocoon. Perhaps he's a crimefighter by night, and forgot to change out of his costume before he got to the office? Beyond that, the tooth sculpture on the credenza is a nice touch, as are the cartoony covers of the brochures in the rack.

Panel 2: Judging by the look on John's face, perhaps he's thinking of including Moira in that time off! Oh, no wait: Moira never has any free time: she's always picking up Elly's slack.

Panel 3: That's him?! The Morsel? What the hey? Well, but I can see what he and April have in common: they both use triple exclamation points when they're excited.

Should I google those dental terms? Nah. I'm sure they're accurate, and I don't have any pressing need to know their definitions.

Panel 4: So I guess this is a wakeup call for John: can't let himself be outshone by the new guy! Whaddya want to bet that tomorrow's strip has John doing a routine checkup on some hick, wondering in thought balloons how and when the magic went out of dentistry for him, while Morsel essentially tap-dances around the operatory, charming everyone and cracking better puns than John, just to rub it in a bit more?
Tags: 50 is sooooooo old, dr. morsel

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