dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Saturday, 22 July 2017

When Mike bitches about how dull he knows summer camp is going to be, Brian replies by saying that dull people with empty brains like Mike lead dull lives.

(Strip Number 4998, Original Publication Date, 22 July 1988)

Panel 1: We find Mike wailing to Brian about how big a bummer it is that their parents have packed them off to summer camp like chumps.

Panel 2: We then get a big whiff of why Mike fails at life by having him exclaim about the unfairness that is life not being like television or the cinema. If life were like what he saw on the screen, he'd have a blast being in a real-life Meatballs.

Panel 3: He sets up the punchline by knowing that it's gonna be dull and boring and why is life so [boxcar] dull instead of being like movies (in which he would not only get away with being stupid and selfish, he would be praised and respected)?

Panel 4: Brian says something that goes over Mike's head about how it's because we hafta be our own writers.

Summary: If Mike were a smarter, more genre-savvy 'writer', he'd have figured out that he's not the focus of a sitcom but instead an average kid who can't get away with poking his head into the girl's shower. No such luck there, gang. We're stuck with the plodding potato-head who ends up using a lot of big words to disguise the fact that his idea of a story will always be "Sum kidz wuz lost an'then wuz fownd."

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