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Tom Heintjes’ Reuben Award Pictures Are In!

We will be looking at only the ones involving Lynn Johnston after the cut, but you can check the website and see all of them.

This one is titled: During a session open to the public, Lynn Johnston sketches for fans.

Looking at the picture, Lynn is sitting beside her longtime friend, Jeff Keane (The Family Circus), and she does not appear to be sketching but autographing the Reuben Award poster and the young lady in front of her has one of Lynn’s books (There Goes My Baby) to be autographed. While everyone is dressed for heat in short sleeves, Lynn has a sweater on, which means she is a lot like my wife who wears sweaters even when it is hot. There is no sign of her usual cartoon fabric-wear. There appears to be a tiny sketch of a cat on a piece of paper near Lynn, but it is clearly not her art style.

Lynn does not look particularly happy and she is not mugging for the camera, which is a rare moment for Lynn really.  The upside of this picture is that it proves Lynn was at the open autograph session, even though no prior pictures of this event showed her.

On the other hand, there is some evidence that Lynn did not last long at the autograph session. In this picture featuring Jeff Keane only, you can look to his left where Lynn was sitting and see a big envelope and a Sunday paper on the table and no Lynn.

This one is titled: Barbara Dale, Wayno and Lynn Johnston

In this one, Lynn is dressed differently than she was during the autograph session. She has a colourful top and a smile on her face as she and Barbara Dale and Wayno appear to be looking at a sketchbook done by different artists wishing someone named Tim to get better. Barbara Dale is has won in the greeting cards division. Wayno is an underground cartoonist from back in the 1970s.

In the sketchbook, Brian Walker put a picture of his character Trixie wishing Tim the best. Dan Piraro has a rabbit character with a Fu Manchu moustache saying we miss you buddy. The artist known as MD has a one-eyed bird wishing him the best. The only MD I see in the pictures is Michael Davis, whom I do not know. I do not know who the sickly Tim is.

This one is titled: Lynn Johnston and Brian Bassett

I double-checked the spelling of Basset's name with the NCS website. Tom Heintjes consistently lists him as "Bassett" with 2 t's. Wearing the same outfit as in the prior picture, Lynn appears to be surprising demure as Basset has her around the shoulder for the picture. Brian Basset does Adam@Home and Red and Rover comic strips.

This one is titled: Don Orehek and Lynn Johnston

Don is an old-timer, even by Lynn’s standards, who did magazine cartoons starting in the 1960s. Don has apparently drawn in a sketchbook a picture of a naked woman and man in bed with some caption I cannot read. Lynn is wearing her autograph session outfit and seems to be amused by Don’s work.

And that’s it. There is not one picture of Lynn at the award ceremony or at any of the general sessions or at the business meeting or giving any pitches. We see no Paul Lucas this year or pictures of Lynn mugging for the camera or drinking like a fish. As usual, in her pictures she is hanging around the old-timers; but there is not a single picture of her with her usual crowd of Jan Eliot, Jeanne Schulz, or Bunny Hoest, who were all there as shown in other pictures. To be honest, she doesn’t look like her usual self.


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