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Tuesday, 13 June 2017: Time for John and Greg to DIE.

John borrows a tape measure from Greg so he can get in a 'fat' joke at Elly's expense.

(Strip Number 4982, Original Publication Date, 13 June 1988)

Panel 1: We start things off with Elly reminding John that if he's going to do the kitchen himself, he'd better draw up some plans and measure where the fixtures will go.

Panel 2: For some reason, this leads him to ask Greg if he's got a good sixteen-foot tape measure he can loan him. Since we're working backwards from a punchline, Greg does.

Panel 3: We plod grimly on to the alleged joke when Greg asks him if he's got some big project in mind and Man-Baby John says that he could say that.

Panel 4: Greg laughs like a damned fool when John makes a devastatingly mean-spirited remark about how Elly wants him to take her measurements.

Summary: I should think that by this point, Rod had learned how futile it was to get Lynn to allow herself to admit that people thought that he was the same sort of festering load of manure John is when it's clear to her that Rod and John are only one and the same when people aren't yelling at her for making their lives worse. Getting her to feel bad about how people look at him based on this crap is like getting Lizardbreath to feel guilty about rewarding an act of theft that makes her feel special.

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