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Lynn Johnston Productions at Surtex 2017

The latest News Note seems to be about a trade convention Katie and Lynn are currently attending in New York City.

Since Lynn retired from drawing For Better or For Worse®, she’s been making different kinds of art. She’s been painting, and experimenting with creating fun, cartoony pattern designs. Lynn and her design crew have been enjoying this so much, they’ve decided to take the patterns to the Surtex convention, which is happening now at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York.

About The Show

Art Licensing for Designers, Manufacturers, and Retailers
Now in its 31st year, SURTEX® is the global B2B marketplace for sourcing original art & design—where artists, art agents, licensing agencies and licensors connect with manufacturers, retailers and licensees to create the next best-selling products in every category imaginable. Home décor and furnishings, apparel, automotive accessories, beauty, bed and bath, fabric prints, floor coverings, juvenile, giftware and novelties, stationery, tabletop, wall treatments, private label and so much more…if it’s any product with a surface or textile design of any kind, there’s a good chance it originated at SURTEX.

Photos: Lynn Johnston Productions at Surtex

Here are some photos from the Lynn Johnston Productions booth:








Personal observations.

1) The "they' that got Lynn to head to the Javits Centre is probably "Katie Hadway."

2) If you stick a camera in Lynn's face, she'll remind you that she's Just Lindy with a pension book.

3) At least this keeps her from doing something really destructive.

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