howtheduck (howtheduck) wrote in binky_betsy,

Martin Short was a medical student at McMaster University when Lynn Johnston was working there

In this video at about 3:28, Martin Short tells Jimmy Fallon about his medical student experience at McMaster University, the same place where Lynn Johnston worked as a medical illustrator from 1968 - 1972.  I was curious as to whether it was the same time.  Interestingly enough it was (from the Wikipedia):

Short attended Westdale Secondary School and graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work in 1971. 

In the video he talks about how he decided to switch majors after 2 years of pre-med, so he would have been walking the medical halls of McMaster at the same time as a young Lynn Johnston.

I know this is obscure, but I got excited to hear Martin Short talk about McMaster University.  If I ever have the opportunity to ask Lynn Johnston a question, I might ask her if she knew Martin Short from her time at McMaster.  I expect her answer will be, "Who?"

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