Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Wednesday, September 6

Panel 1: The color is back! And why is Liz's head so far forward on her neck? If it's supposed to convey exhaustion, I would think slumped shoulders would be more effective. And she wants to decompress in a "peaceful place", so I wonder what's going to interfere? Elly wanting to hear all about her day? The animals staging WWIII? April existing being out at some activity that means dinner will be later than Liz wants?

Panel 2: What? Is there only one shower in the entire house? Did Liz go through April's room to get to this one? If April is in the communal bathroom, why not her own? And what's "shhhhhhhhh"? Is Gerald in there with her?

Panel 3: Why is Elly saying "peel peel peel xc"? Yeah, I know she's not saying it, but it looks like. Why the unnecessary onomatopaea in the first place, and why is Liz in the kitchen in her robe?

Panel 4: Well, duh. Actually, that's a neutral statement, so I can't comment until I know what conclusion she's drawing.
Tags: why did she move back home?

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