dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Good Friday 2017

We end this part of the villain edit with a sort of bookend to Tuesday's strip that has Molly be too blinded by appealing surface impressions to see that Dirk is Not Truly Worthy Of Her for a pants-on-head stupid reason.

(Strip Number 4954, Original Publication Date, 14 April 1988)

Panel 1: We find ourselves watching Molly gush to Gayle about how wonderful, diverse and dramatic Dirk happens to be.

Panel 2: Gayle is impressed when Molly explains that he's into heavy metal, astral projection and ten-pin bowling.

Panel 3: She says that she's never met anyone like him before and that they've a lot in common. Gayle asks what that commonailty is.

Panel 4: Molly explains that no one understands her either.

Summary: On its own, this looks like a goofy kid who really doesn't know squat about life kind of prove it. The trouble is while Molly is meant to be a starry-eyed kid who can't see past surface impressions, she's not the one pissing herself in terror because Dirk isn't conventionally handsome. That would be Connie and/or Elly.

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