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Paul Lucas now playing with Lucie D and the Immortals

Paul Lucas continues his association with the Whitehorse, Yukon jazz scene by joining a new group, Lucie D and the Immortals. Here is their website with pictures of Lynn's "partner" Paul Lucas.

More after the cut:

Paul Lucas

Guitarist/Composer Paul Lucas has four albums to his credit and is featured on many recordings both in the U.S and Canada. He has played with artists ranging from Albert Collins and Bo Diddley to Ben Tucker and Marcus Printup. “Veteran guitarist, educator and composer Paul Lucas excels in many genres. His current influences are Baden Powell and Joao Bosco. Paul’s original composing stand shoulder to shoulder with the seductive and lyrical offerings of Brazil’s finest composers.

Paul Lucas played a concert with them back in March.

This is what it says in the article about him:

Rounding out the group is well-known guitarist, composer and teacher Paul Lucas, who spends his time between Vancouver and Phoenix, Arizona, and who also owns a cabin in Atlin, B.C.

Desaulniers brought Lucas on board after playing with him at an all-Portuguese Jazz in the Hall show at the Yukon Arts Centre last year.

This makes it seem like Vancouver has been added to his list of places to reside aside from Atlin and Phoenix, which has to be positive news for Lynn. On the other hand, it looks like his interest in playing in Whitehorse is increasing.


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