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Binky Betsy

Tuesday, September 5

Panel 1: So we're going to see her on the job. I wonder if there will be any mention of how different this school is from the Mtig school. Although as far as that goes, initially, the Mtig school didn't seem any different from the schools the Pattersons attended. It wasn't until, I think, last academic year that LJ started pounding it into our heads that "This is a Native school! It's not only difficult to do anything conventional, it's actually WRONG! Because these kids are NATIVE and they're so DIFFERENT!"

Panel 2: Ah, a video! Wonder how well that will go over: showing a video almost right off the bat. But as far as that goes, shouldn't she first introduce herself and take attendance? She just jumps right into a lesson with no preamble? And is this a one-class-all-day system, or is she just the geography teacher? Perhaps the question is a way of gauging how much they know, but it just seems odd for her to say, "Before we start..." And she looks really odd here, like a Gibson girl.

Panel 3: Oh lord, is she about to give a speech about how different Mtig was? It was a rhetorical question, you bimbo.

Panel 4: Why did I ask.

Panel 5: See, that's something that I don't believe was ever brought up in Mtig: how woefully underfunded Native schools are. (Or was it? By all means correct me if necessary.) And that's compared to how underfunded schools are in general. And I bet in Glenallen, the parents don't all pitch in to fix a leak in the roof. And I hope that guy's response is not meant to paint him as greedy and not appreciating what he has and so forth.
Tags: miss patterson

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