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Sunday, 9 April 2017

In today's installment of Parental Hypocrisy Theater, Elly delivers unto Mike a lecture about not turning homework into a Great Big Terrible Thing only to turn around and remind us that she sees ironing as a Great Big Terrible Thing.

(Strip Number 6720, Original Publication Date, 10 April 1988)

Panel 1: We start things off with Mike angrily dumping his homework onto the kitchen table because he has to do stoopid math which he hates because of a reason that's about to become obvious.

Panel 2: The theatrical weirdo sighs in despair because he's got it in his head that numbers are his enemy.

Panel 3: The strip proper begins with him angrily declaring that he can't, won't and doesn't wanna do this.

Panel 4: As Mike seethes, Elly reminds him that yet again, he waited until the last minute to do a ton of homework like a moron.

Panel 5: He gets all rage-faced when she says that his trouble is that he always lets everything pile up until it becomes impossible to do.

Panel 6: He scowls in wounded rage when she says that if he'd do a little bit each day like a boring, ordinary person, he wouldn't always be in this mess. This is because while she kept hearing complaints about how they have to do like three hours every night, she's sure they were lying because she never had that problem.

Panel 7: When he asks for help with his self-induced dilemma, she begs off.

Panel 8: He asks her why.

Panel 9: As she stares goggle-eyed at the clothes she let pile up like a moron because ironing is like the worst thing ever, she tells him that she's gotta do the ironing.

Summary: The odd thing about the endless iterations of this theme is that Lynn/Elly are not actually hypocritical jerks for having the same bad habits the kids have. This is because careful analysis of the notes reminds us that while everyone else has to uncomplainingly follow the rules, she's a special snowflake who can do what she wants without being criticized.

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