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Thursday, 16 March 2017

We remind ourselves that most of the reason that Mike picks on Lizzie is that without doing so, his life would be bland and joyless.

(Strip Number 1265, Original Publication Date, 16 March 1988)

Panel 1: Later that day, Lizzie asks Michael for a box and he won't let her have it.

Panel 2: He stands there as she has a tantrum about he's an unfair meanie that she has to tell on because he only wants it because she does.

Panel 3: Having seemed the have gotten what he seems to have wanted, he changes his mind and says she can have it after all. She says "I can?"

Panel 4: When she asks why he couldn't have done that in the first place, he says it was too easy.

Summary: Liz never quite managed to figure out that Mike does a lot of the dumb shit he did to her because she always gave him what he wanted: an angry and entertaining overreaction. Lizardbreath still doesn't understand this because she's Elly 2.0: a short-tempered, short-sighted cretin who assumes that she's the only smart person on Earth.
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Here we see the effects of being raised by a parent who screams and throws tantrums to get her kids to do things. When asked nicely, Michael will not let Lizzie have the box. When asked after Lizzie has a giant screaming fit he relents, because the first time was too easy. He has gotten so accustomed to the screaming, that he is unable to do something nice for someone else, unless there I a screaming person to motivate him. It's kind of sad, but completely believable for any child of Elly Patterson.
What's also sad is that Lynn appears to just think she made a funny--without any awareness of the Unfortunate Implications.
I am sure the Lynn perspective back in the day was that her son intentionally antagonized his sister over things he planned to give in on anyway. The resulting noise might occasionally rouse her from communing with her muse to see what was going on, only to find out that by the time she got there, the kids had already stopped fighting. if this is the case, then I can say this happened in my household from time to time also, where my kids might have a fight that lasted less than a minute and then they would be happy and playing after resolving their problem without any parental intervention.
It's good when siblings can work through their disagreements on their own. I can't help thinking Lynn might have been projecting something more nefarious than what actually happened. If, as you suggest, Lynn left her bubble because of a noise and then found peaceful kids, it would have been her "Lynn" imagination filling in the gap in between.
"Lynn" imagination can be an odd thing. Lynn often seems to have imagined her kids acted like she did with her brother, but as near as I can tell, Kate and Aaron were a lot better behaved. Possibly the tantrum from Lizzie to get something from Michael is something Lynn did to Alan, but not necessarily something Kate did to Aaron.
One thing the notes have achieved--to a sometimes-depressing degree--is to show how much more Lynn tapped into her own childhood experiences vs. those of her kids when plotting strips featuring Mike and Liz.

As for the situation presented in today's strip, I could also imagine Lil' Lindy in Mike's role, withholding something Alan wants just to get a reaction.
One thing the notes have achieved--to a sometimes-depressing degree--is to show how much more Lynn tapped into her own childhood experiences vs. those of her kids when plotting strips featuring Mike and Liz.

I did like the myth that she was writing about things that happened to her kids in real life.
Me, too. It was nice when I still thought that had been the case.
No notes for us! Not possible to say for how many days....

[Hope dreadedcandiru2 is okay this morning.... ]
Not as such, no. I broke my left ankle last night on an icy patch.
Oh, no! Did you have a snowpocalypse this week, too? I believe we ended up with something like 20" here in Albany, NY....
We had just enough of a dusting of snow to turn what little ice we have into Teflon.
Ugh. I'm sorry you got hurt. :(
I am sorry to hear that. Hopefully you are not in too much pain.