dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Sunday, 12 March 2017

We have a celebration of inept martyr parenting when it's all the kids' fault that Elly is an ignorant, angry bitch who would rather lay down the law than actually fix the problem.

(Strip Number 6717, Original Publication Date, 13 March 1988)

Panel 1: We start things off in the middle of some argument Mike and Liz are having when she sticks her tongue out at him in defiance of his saying that this time, she's really going to get it.

Panel 2: Since John and Elly are wrong about conflict resolution skills just magically being learned by osmosis, a petty grievance quickly escalates into an eleven year old boy and a seven year old girl trying to dismantle one another.

Panel 3: This finally seems to draw the attention of Elly who tells them that this has gone on long enough.

Panel 4: We get a hint as to why this keeps on happening when she declares that she doesn't care to know who did what but simply wants them in their rooms NOW!!!

Panel 5: A little while later, Lizzie gets yelled at when she asks if she can come out of her room now only to be told NO!!!!!!

Panel 6: A little while after that, Elly sort of relents. They can come out if they play nice but the slightest hint of acrimony and they're gonna go back to being grounded.

Panel 7: When John gets home from the clinic, he's impressed by how well Mike and Lizzie seem to be getting on.

Panel 8: He comments on this to Elly.

Panel 9: He is mildly confused by her comment about how well warring factions get along when they have a common enemy.

Summary: Once again, we get the strong hint that their real offense was making Elly pay attention to them. We know that Elly likes to think of being warned of someone doing something stupid is to accuse the person trying to help of telling stories to wreck her life so it seems to me that we are contending with a woman who seems to think that understanding her children somehow reduces her to the status of a child.

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