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We Asked Lynn: 3 Interview Questions

First of all, I would like to point out I see a ring on Lynn's left hand in this picture and it makes me very suspicious considering some of things Lynn says in response to these questions. The caption for the picture is "Lynn Laughing", but it looks more like she is about to have a seizure.

As usual, I will quote the material and then comment on it after the cut.

As part of our ongoing “We Asked Lynn” series of blog entries, we asked Lynn a few questions — the topics of travel, imagination, and animation are always safe bets, because we know we’ll get interesting responses!

We asked Lynn 3 interview questions
1. What have you learned from all your travels around the world? Is there anyplace you still really want to go, where you haven’t yet visited?

I’ve learned from my travels that people are all the same, no matter where you go. We all want to be safe and happy; to provide for our families; to have meaningful work; to laugh and play music; to belong and to love. We are all the same.

My comment: What a nice sentiment coming from Lynn.

The barrier for me has always been language. When you talk to someone, a relationship happens. Learning Spanish has been life-changing for me. I no longer go to Mexico, Cuba and Peru as a tourist — I can get to know people; really connect with them. In my opinion, our inability to understand each other is what separates us, not our clothing or our colour or our beliefs. It’s easier to think the worst of someone if you can’t understand them!

My comment: Now wait a minute. I remember that Medical Mission to Peru where she had to take Liuba Liamzini with her because she couldn’t understand the language and she needed Liuba’s help. Admittedly Lynn was not a tourist there … for part of the time. However, she seems to think that if you go someplace on a vacation, you are not a tourist if you can speak the language. Sorry, Lynn. If I go to England where they speak English, I am still a tourist. Lynn should remember that in case she decides to go to England some day (see below). As for thinking the worst of people, take a look at any of Lynn’s travelogues where she talks about the natives. Maybe Lynn’s lack of language skill is the reason. The Peru travelogue is no longer on-line, but our coverage of it is and Lynn's text is repeated, just in case someone wants to reread Lynn in all her Peruvian glory.

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Where do I want to go next? Australia beckons, but first, my partner and I are going to England, to celebrate our 70th birthdays. In October, we’ll be attending a comic art festival in the town of Kendal [the Lakes International Comic Art Festival], before going on to see friends and relatives here and there.

My comment: Shared 70th birthday means her "partner" is almost assuredly Paul Lucas, who graduated from the same high school the same year Lynn did. He has also graduated from “friend” to “partner”. Well, Lynn, congratulations on the new title for Paul. And Paul, if that's your ring on her finger, then good for you too and maybe someday Lynn will let you graduate to fiancé.

The way Lynn has written this, it makes it seem like she and Paul are going to England and then later she will be going to Kendal, England. I suspect this is all one trip and she is really going to test Paul Lucas by bringing him to a comic convention. As for friends and relatives, I seem to remember Lynn had some distant relatives in England related on her mother’s side. That is also going to be tough for Paul Lucas because I can’t imagine Lynn being close to any relative of her mother.

Here is the website for the Lakes International Comic Art Festival. The fifth Lakes International Comic Art Festival will run from 13 -15 October 2017 and Sergio Aragonés will be there. That’s probably the only guest there that Lynn will know.

Lynn is one of the guests and this bizarre picture goes along with her biography. Is that supposed to be Lynn? Here’s the biography:

Lynn Johnston

Lynn is a Canadian cartoonist known for her newspaper comic strip For Better or For Worse. She was the first woman and first Canadian to win the National Cartoonist Society's Reuben Award.

Lynn Johnston was born in Ontario and grew up in British Columbia. She attended the Vancouver School of Art then took a job in an animation studio in Vancouver, where she began to apprentice as an animator. After getting married, Johnston moved to Ontario in 1969, and in 1972 the discovery that she was expecting her first child led to the publication of “David, We’re Pregnant!” which sold over 300,000 copies. Shortly after, she was divorced and worked as a commercial artist, freelancing from home.

In 1975 “Hi Mom! Hi Dad!” was published as a sequel to “David, We’re Pregnant!”. By this time she was remarried and continued to freelance until her daughter Kate was born. “Do They Ever Grow Up?” was the third publication in her first sequence of books about parenting.

In 1978 Universal Press Syndicate asked if Johnston was interested in doing a daily comic strip. She signed a twenty-year contract and the work on For Better or For Worse began. This comic strip has been syndicated since 1979 and, at its peak, appeared in more than 2,000 newspapers in 23 countries.

Johnston was the first woman to receive a Reuben Award for Cartoonist of the Year in 1985, she has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, has received the Order of Canada and claims a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame.

My comment: This an amazing biography. So many of the facts typically confused are correct:

a. The publication of “David, We’re Pregnant” before she divorced Doug (not after as she often claims).
b. The birth of Kate occurred before Universal Press Syndicate asked Lynn to join the syndicate (not while she was pregnant with Kate causing Lynn to vomit after signing her syndicate contract).
c. More than 2000 newspapers at its peak (and not right now).
d. “Hi Mom! Hi Dad!” was published after Lynn married Rod (and not before).
e. The only lie perpetuated appears to be the 20-year contract lie. Sorry, Lynn, but we know it was only 10 years.

I do like that Kate is mentioned by name, while Aaron is not, which makes me think that this biography was not written by Lynn, but by Kate. This is far too coherent to be a Lynn Johnston-written biography.

2. Do you still spend a lot of time “living in your imagination”?

Yes, I still spend a lot of time in my imagination. I can go anywhere I want to go and it’s free! Not having to write and draw the strip makes my mental forays less focused and less productive, but I still go drifting off into my own thoughts. Really…isn’t this something we all do?

My comment: Yes. Yes it is. The difference between us and Lynn is that we usually don’t do that while we are in the middle of a conversation or while doing public speaking.

3. Have you seen any really good animated films lately? What are some of your favourites?

Yes, I’ve seen some amazing animated films. The new CGI techniques blow me away. The one show that stays in my mind, however is Pixar’s “Inside Out” — directed by Pete Docter and Ronnie Del Carmen. It has a wonderful premise, great story arc, was ingeniously storyboarded and beautifully animated. It’s both entertaining and ingenious, so in order to appreciate the truly important content you should see it twice!

My comment: What an odd description. It makes me feel like Lynn went to the shelf of DVDs for Laura and Ryan and picked up a DVD and copied the movie critic recommendations and the credits for the movie written on the cover.

Overall, I have to give these questions an A+. There is a lot of good information here and Lynn does not come off as a complete whackadoodle. Excellent work.

EDITED to say: I think Paul and Lynn are married. She has a ring on the correct finger. She calls him her partner and for most people that might not mean anything, but Lynn Johnston has a long history of calling the husband "partner" and not "husband" in her Lynn's Notes, even when she is talking about another woman's husband. She has the ring. She's calling him partner. She's on marriage number 3. You go girl!

Congratulations to Lynn and Paul. I wish them all the best. Marriage at age 69 is a tricky business especially considering the average life expectancy of men born in 1947 is 73 years old.

EDITED a second time to say: aprilp_katje inquired and it turns out Paul and Lynn are not married. Phooey! Lynnglish has gotten the better of me once again. The picture is an old one from the time when Lynn was wearing a substitute ring after the divorce because she had gotten used to wearing one.


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