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The Saint Patrick's Day Massacre of Good Taste.

The latest news entry concerns the newest items up for sale at the Zazzle shop. Given that the theme is Saint Patrick's Day and given that Protestant naff Lynn has as warped a vision of Ireland as she has of pretty much everywhere else, it's time for her to hawk stuff covered with shamrocks and hideously leering leprechauns.

Lynn’s drawn some brand-new, St. Patrick’s Day artwork for our Zazzle shop. We’ve got shamrock stuff, leprechauns with squeeze boxes, magical harp players, pots of gold, happy fiddlers, pints of cheer, and plenty of clean, green fun. Check out our St. Paddy’s Day collection today!

As always, look for the information bar at the top of Zazzle’s site, to see what discount codes are currently available.

Here’s a St. Patrick’s Day Sampler:
St Patrick's Day Leprechaun Shirt
by fborfw
St Patrick's Day "Cheers" Magnet.
by fborfw
St Patrick's Day Shamrock Leggings
by fborfw

1) If pressed, Lynn would claim that no Irish people complained about these ugly-ass and sinister caricatures.

2) She probably has the same distorted view of life in the States too.

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