Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Monday, April 18

Badly drawn butts: Panel 2 and panel 3.

So in panel 1, we get a recap for people who didn't see Saturday's strip. I assume that's why Elly asks for confirmation on what she's been told, unless she's really really slow to catch on. And John tells her that "the place would hardly change at all". Except that there'd be, like, an owner on site once in a while.

In panel 2, Connie has returned---no, wait, that's John. He speaks well of Beatrice, and of "that new girl you hired". Waitaminut---I thought Beatrice WAS the new girl! Or does he mean April? But she's not officially on the payroll? Or is she? And if there is another new employee besides Beatrice, why didn't we go step by step through the whole agonizing process?

In panel 3, it appears that John and Elly are in Jonathan Swift's Lilliput: they're both taller than the doorway.

And in panel 4, we finally find out what all this has REALLY been leading up to! Elly's not needed! She'll end up sitting in a doorway, holding a sign that says "WILL NAG FOR FOOD" and asking strangers if she can change their babies' diapers! April better go roadside pronto if she's gonna get knocked up before the strip ends!
Tags: elly's retirement

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